About Us

Feline Porter is a company that specializes in the creation of
accessories and furniture for cats with several years of experience in the

After several years of dedication and study of the needs of cats and cat
parents, we focus on creating accessories that not only adapt quickly to the
concept of decoration of each home but, more importantly, that meet the needs
and particular characteristics of felines to provide optimal care.

Our wide range of
products, such as cat trees, cat beds, cat scratchers, and cat litter boxes, is
inspired by the special bond between kittens and their owners. Thus, each accessory in our collection is designed to give them cuddles and
caresses and return the affection and dedication they give to the family.

Your kitty brings life and joy to your home!

We offer a complete
collection of cat furniture for these special family members to ensure that
your kitty enjoys a comfortable and friendly experience every day when using

Cats are
unique members of your family!

We know that something that characterizes felines is their strong and
unique personality that sets them apart from the rest; that's why each of the
accessories they use must match their energy. Therefore, we have designed
modern cat furniture of high quality and a beautiful appearance for them.

Why do kittens and cat parents choose us?

High Quality

Each cat tree, cat bed, cat scratcher, and cat boxes are created with
selected materials such as fibers and woods that ensure their high


Cat Friendly

Our wide range of cat furniture has been specially
designed to care for the kitty's health, with hypoallergenic materials ideal
for the skin, nails, and fur care.

Sophisticated Designs

Ideal for cat parents who constantly look for new ways to please and
make their kitties happy.

We present innovative designs that allow you to find the perfect
combination between your kitty's personality and your interior design.

Soft & Comfortable

The wide selection of fibers allows us to offer caves and cat beds
characterized by being fluffy and ultra-soft that will make your kitty never
want to stop using them.

Resistance To Mischief

The high quality of the materials used to create cat trees, cat
scratches, and beds make them ideal to withstand the most demanding days of

Fun & Purposeful

Functional accessories that are designed to give your kitties hours
and hours of fun and then a complete rest so they can continue to brighten
your days.

Find the ideal accessory for your kitty!