Grey Wyatt Cat Tree

Grey Wyatt Cat Tree

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Color AMT0030GY
Size L

1. Double safety: This 4-level construction cat tree covered by soft plush has a decent base with size of 24"L X 14"W that add significant solidity. The secure strap allow it fixed to the wall that prevent it from tippling over. 50 Inches

2. Effective to protect furniture: 2 fully scratching posts and the ramp covered with different sisal provide different scratching sensation and allow cats to sharpen and trim their nails. It comes with a pompom ball that entice them to have more activities. They will enjoy hours and hours fun with the cat tree instead of clawing your expensive furniture.

3. Different height experience: 2 Well Padded Perches provide different heights of view advantage as yawning on the larger perch to enjoy the sunshine, watching the birds outside window or getting to the highest perch to observe surrounding.

4. Buy with confidence: It comes with step-by-step instruction and all the necessary tools. And we provide profession service both before and after purchase. So, ADD it to your home Today!